W-S Burn 
"W-S Burn kicked of the night with their spare wooze. Singer Amanda Beddard's knockout voice filled every inch of the room...it was almost like we were watching someone summon a ghost in a David Lynch movie."
- Austin Chronicle

"Remarkable...versatile...a wealth of dignity and loneliness."
- Stylus Magazine

"The tape hisses, a guitar strikes one note at a time like a funeral dirge...In the background you can hear a distant church bell ring three times and it's not some post-production trick...such sadness there, but somehow it's made sublime with melodies so gorgeous."
- Whiskey & Apples

"I had the feeling that I was sitting with my ear against the heat vent...The curiosity became too much and I e-mailed Pixie asking if she would do an interview.  I did not get a reply."
- Pop Sheep

"Simultaneously stark, intense, warm, and involving."
- David Garland of WNYC

"W-S Burn play with such honesty and conviction that it would be impossible to ignore them."
- The Weird Weeds in Dusted Magazine

"...lo-fi, trippy as hell, dark, gorgeous songs that sound like ghosts wandering the forest"
- Portland Mercury

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